On Saturday April 25th, the Vivante COA Unit Owners passed the Trevi purchase proposal with a vote of 282 to 27; ample votes to surpass the 75% of all possible votes threshold by a significant margin.

It is truly extraordinary to have this level of participation and support for any topic in a community association. Your collective commitment to Vivante is simply amazing!

With the Trevi purchase you will secure the future of Vivante in the hands of the Owners; congratulations!

In a few days you will be receiving your invoice for the first installment of the special assessment required of all Unit Owners.

This first installment is $2,515.34 is due May 15, 2020
The second installment is $2,438.60 and is due May 15, 2021

If you prefer, and it would be appreciated, you may make a single payment of $4,953.94. We anticipate a few Owners will be delayed in making the first payment, so having those who are able to pay both installments at once will aid in cash flow for closing on the property in a few weeks. We thank you for considering this.

If you are in Vivante and preparing to leave, you may call the office today and we will pull your invoice out of the stack to be mailed on Thursday and hold it for you to pick up. (941) 575-8239.

Be Safe Out There!


John Thompson, FL CAM, PCAM, LSM
General Manager