To Our Vivante Owners and Residents

Re: Trevi Purchase
We, the undersigned, as past COA board members, are sending this letter to strongly recommend a YES vote on the upcoming Trevi purchase. We agree with the unanimous Trevi approval vote by our COA board of Steve Nelson, Diane Giumento, Ian Campbell, Tony Buda, Bob Cermeli, Tom Dominic, and Bob Levchik
Per earlier notices, all votes will be counted at our April 25 meeting. For any owners who have not voted, we are asking for your YES vote well before that date. Another LIMITED PROXY/MEETING BALLOT is below.   Please print and submit your vote.

Proxies are due before the April 25th COA Special Meeting. They can be emailed to the, faxed to 941-575-7069, or mailed to 92 Vivante Blvd. Punta Gorda, FL 33950.

REMEMBER — NOT VOTING AT ALL COUNTS THE SAME AS A “NO” VOTE. Our purchase requires a 75% approval with “YES” votes.

Many of us are among the earliest owners. As past board members, we have spent considerable time studying Vivante’s finances, its governance, and history. Because of our collective experience, we feel an obligation to recommend a YES vote on the Trevi purchase. Our main reasons follow:

1. We recommend obtaining control over our amenities, which include both pools, the cabana, the tennis courts, workout room, spa, saunas, the entire clubhouse, the gate and all internal roads. Without the Trevi purchase another developer may have every right to construct and sell another 200 units, and allow those unit owners full use of our amenities.

2. We likewise recommend obtaining control over the nature and extent of future construction, if any. With the Trevi purchase, we, as owners, can decide what if anything is built, and when, and what use and occupancy restrictions will apply. Without purchasing Trevi, those decisions belong to someone unaligned with our community and our financial interests. Such a purchaser would obviously be indifferent to our property values.

3. Our COA Board retained the services of an independent MIA real estate appraiser, who appraised our $1,667,000 purchase as having a value far exceeding the purchase price. Purchasing Trevi allows us, as owners, to later decide whether to promptly recoup part or all of the purchase price by selling the Rectangular parcel (by our entrance) and/or the Triangular parcel (by Ponce Park’s entrance), and to whom, and with what restrictions. The purchase thus allows us far greater latitude over our own financial destiny.

4. For the protection of our owners, our COA Board hired the Fort Myers law firm of Becker & Poliakoff, for advice and also for negotiating and drafting the Trevi contract. Our attorneys specialize in Florida condominium and real estate law; they have a statewide reputation of excellence. Upon approval of the Trevi contract, the COA is authorized to proceed with this purchase.

5. The purchase details have been transparent. The legal description, the contract terms, all pricing, and ancillary details have been furnished in writing. Multiple meetings and instructive seminars have, and continue to be, held.

6. Owning our amenities, and owning Trevi means that we control our financial and developmental destiny. This can only enhance our investments in our beautiful community.

Thanking you for your review, and for your vote, we remain
Very truly yours

S/ Mark H. Hoskins former COA President
S/ Don Orr, former Board Member
S/ Charlie Cheek, former COA President
S/ Richard Trinidad, former Board Member
S/ Dan Pletzke, former COA Treasurer
S/ Bob Boxer, former Board Member
S/ Anne Mercer, former COA Treasurer