Buildings 94 & 96 at 4:00 Building 98 at 5:00

Hello Vivante Owners,

We hope this finds you well. This is a reminder that today at 4 pm is the conference call in for Q & A for buildings 94 & 96 at 4:00 and Building 98 at 5:00

212 Unit owners have already returned Proxy/Ballots on the Trevi Purchase vote and as of today; 199 of those votes are positive. We need to receive 80 more positive votes for the proposal to pass. So if it is your desire to see the Trevi purchase succeed and you have not yet returned you Proxy/Ballot, please do so very soon.

Prior to the call, you may wish to read through the Trevi Frequently Asked Questions document posted to the website. Once you are logged in to go to the Member Dashboard and the Trevi tab and scroll down to find a wealth of information on the proposed Trevi purchase including the entire meeting package that was mailed to each unit owner and the FAQ document that has been crafted in response to owner’s questions asked over the past two weeks. Once you click on the document you are looking for, it will download, typically you will see the window in the lower left of your monitor, then click that and you will see the chosen document. If you have any trouble, call the office at 941-575-8239 and we’ll walk you through it.

We look forward to “seeing” you!  Here is the Call in number: 712-770-4160   Code: 403219#

Steve Nelson, COA President