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Q.  Who should I call in an emergency or something that requires immediate attention?

A.  If there is a fire, medical emergency, something criminal, etc.  call 911 immediately.  If it is a maintenance emergency, such as a roof leak or elevator outage, call Chuck French, Vivante’s Maintenance Supervisor.   His number is 941-623-3388.

Q.  When is the office open?

A.  The office is staffed Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM.  If there is a need for the office to be closed during these hours there will be a sign posted on the door.  The office is closed for the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve – ½ Day
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve – ½ Day
Christmas Day

Q.  What is the office phone number and fax number?

A. The office number is 941-575-8239 and the fax number is  941-575-7069.
If you need to receive a fax, the number you should use is 941-916-9654.

Q.  While we are doing virtual meetings, what is the number I should call to access the meeting.

A. Call 712-770-4160.  The call-in code is 403219#.

Q.  What should I do if I see something that needs repaired?

A. You can call the office and report it, or you can go to the website at   When you log in, go to “Member Dashboard “and on that page you will see a section titled “Contact Us”.  There is a drop-down arrow and there are a few categories for you to choose from.

Q.  How do I reach the Board Members, or my Building Captain or a member of the LBARC Committee?

A. Go to our website at  Under “Member Dashboard” you will see “Contacts”.  All contact information is available there.

Q.  What does a Building Captain do?

A.  Vivante’s Building Captains provide a vital link between individual building’s residents and the Vivante Board of Directors and Management.   A full position description can be found on the website under “Contacts”, “Building Captain Responsibilities”.

Q: Who should I call to set up cable tv and internet?

A:  Call Comcast/Xfinity, directly at 877-734-8881.  Tell them you need service at Vivante and that we have a contract with them for basic cable.  Any upgrades, internet, phone service you would choose will be negotiated individually at your expense.  If you need to pick up a cable box, etc. their address is 1940 Tamiami Trail, Suite 101, Port Charlotte, 33948.

Q. Do you have a list of people I can call to fix things?

A.  On the website, under “Contacts”, there is a vendor list with phone numbers.

Q.  How do my visitors get through the gate?

1.  You can go on to the Envera webpage at This link is available on our website at the top right-hand side of the page titled “Front Gate Login”,       
2.  You can download the “MyEnvera” App on your smartphone to add their name, or


Q.  Do we have a defibrillator?
A.  Yes, it is located on the wall in the walkway to the tennis courts across from the lady’s restroom.

Q.  How do I pay my association fees?
A. New owners need to set up an account, the easiest being ACH (direct withdrawal) with Centennial Bank – forms are in the office. You need to complete two forms – one for the COA and one for the POA.  If you would rather write a check each month, then Palmer Property Management, our accounting company, will order coupon books for you.  When a change to the amounts due is approved by the Board of Directors, ACH payees will receive a statement in the mail with the adjusted amounts and coupon book payees will receive two new books –  one for the COA and one for the POA.  If you have any questions, concerns, or do not receive this information, you should contact Palmer Property Management at 941-875-9273.

Q.  Do you take credit cards to pay for Transponders or Fobs?
A. Yes with a 5% upcharge. Transponders are for vehicle gate entry and are $47.25.   Fobs are $21 and are for elevator and door entry.  Fobs can also be used at the front gate kiosk to gain entry when you are not in your car.  We will program two key fobs that you can use for that purpose.

Q.  How do I find out about possibly renting a garage or storage space?
A.  Each Building Captain is responsible for the storage spaces and garages in their building.  You can find their contact information on the main level bulletin boards outside every elevator or on the website under  “Member Dashboard” – “Living Here” – “Contacts”.

Q.  What should we know about hurricane season ?
A.  You can find information on our website under “Member Dashboard”, “Living Here”, “Hurricane Preparedness”.   Prior to each hurricane season we send an eblast with reminders, suggestions, and instructions to follow.

Q.   How should I list my address for correct mail delivery?
A.  Your street address is your building number plus your unit number.  For example, in Building 99, unit 9927,  the address is:

99 Vivante Blvd. Unit 9927
Punta Gorda, Fl 33950

With this example you may occasionally see your unit as 99207; however, that is an internal account number for billing purposes and not the actual address.

Q.  How do I find my mailbox and what if my mailbox key doesn’t work?
A.  Your mailbox has your unit number on it.  If you find that the key does not work, let the office know and they can put a note on the mailbox to have the postal carrier remove the lock.  Once they do that, the office can install a new lock for $15.

Q.  Which are the Boca Building and which are the Bella Buildings?
A.  The Boca Section includes buildings 99, 98, 97, 96, 95 and 94.  The Bella Section includes Buildings 93, 91, 90, 89, 88, 87 and 85.


Amenities & Recreation

Q.  What are the hours for the amenities such as the pool, gym, billiard room, library, etc.?
A.  The pools and hot tub are open from sunrise to sunset. The clubhouse and those rooms including the gym, card room, Library/Media room, Billiard Room etc. are open from 7:00 AM  to 10:00 PM each day.

Q.  Can I reserve the Clubhouse or Cabana for a party?
A.  The Cabana is open to all residents and while you may not reserve it, you are welcome to use it for your party – just know that others may be in and out using the restroom, the refrigerator,  microwave, etc.

You can reserve the Clubhouse for your private party.  There is a form which you will need to complete and return to the office with two checks to hold your reservation.  One check for $100 is deposited immediately and the other check for $1,000 will be held until the party is over.  If there are no damages, etc. it will be returned to you.

Q.  Are there rules for using the pool and other amenities?
A.  Yes. On the website under the “Member Dashboard”,  “Living Here” section    click on “Activities”.  There you will find some general rules for our amenities.   For a full list you can go to our website at, then “Member Dashboard”, then under “Living Here” click on “Governance” then “Governing Documents”.

Q.  How can I find out about what’s going on in the community?
A.  On the website go to “Member Dashboard” and under the “Playing Here” section you will see “Activities Calendar”   You will also receive eblasts from our Social Club letting you know when events are coming up and how you can join them.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with Social Club activities you can contact the Chairperson, Debbie Fisher at

Q.  What else can I do on the Vivante website?
A.  Click on Member Dashboard and on the main page you will find:

  • A 24/7 live streaming view of our beautiful pool.
  • News and events
  • Transponders & fobs. Information on cost and how they can be purchased.
  • Welcome New residents
  • General office information
  • Clubhouse reservations and Office contact information
  • Contact us” form for maintenance or other issues.
  • Front Gate Login: Located at the top right of the page You can access Envera directly through this link to add visitors to your list, etc.
  • My Profile: Also located at the top right of the page this will take you directly to your profile page.

The Member Dashboard page contains a section called “LIVING HERE”, which consists of:

  • Members: To update your information, click on the grey bar that says Edit Profile. There are 2 types of information to fill out, Public (the top white section can be seen by other Vivante members) and Internal Use Only (the beige section at the bottom can only be seen by the Vivante staff)   We encourage you to keep all your information up to date including your picture, license plate and emergency contact information.
  • Community Chat Explore the tabs for Community Chat, Get Togethers, Items for Sale, Services and Units for Sale or Lease All posts are approved by staff before being published live, assuring they are in keeping with the tone and spirit of the intended use.
  • Housekeeping: Tells you what you can expect from our Housekeeping Staff and a calendar listing when your building will be cleaned.
  • Contacts: Get contact information for Boards, Committees, Building Captains, Staff and Vendors
  • Governance: Review Association Rules and Documents, Meeting Minutes and Financials
  • Trevi: Documents associated with the purchase of the Trevi property.
  • Eblast: A file of all eblasts that have been sent.
  • Hurricane preparedness: Important information about what to do to prepare for Hurricane Season.

The other section of the Member Dashboard is called “PLAYING HERE” and includes:

  • Events calendar: Hover over the event for more details
  • Activities: General information on what amenities are available for your use
  • Tennis – Reserve a court, check out a 24/7 live webcam, information on lessons and tennis activities.
  • Social club: Special upcoming activities and a Vivante Community Photo Gallery is in the works.
  • Spa: Services Menu, Spa Specials, make an appointment
  • Fitness: Information on classes, use of the Fitness Center and locker rooms
Rules & Regulations

Q.  Where can I find the rules and regulations that I need to follow?
A.  For a full list you can go to our website at, then “Member Dashboard”, then under “Living Here” click on “Governance” then “Governing Documents”.

Q.  Can I let my family come and stay at my unit while I away?
A.  No. You will find the restrictions of occupancy in the Vivante Declaration under Articles 16 & 17.

Q.  What colors am I allowed to use to paint my unit?
A.  You can paint the inside of your unit any color that you wish.  The outside of the buildings, your door, the lanai walls, etc. must be a standard color.  Contact the office for samples of those colors.

Q.  Are there assigned parking spaces?
A.  Since the Boca Buildings have garages the outside parking spaces are not assigned. Parking spaces in the Bella Buildings are assigned to individual owners.  Those that are not assigned are available for rent through the individual Building Captains.  Those not permanently assigned or rented are available on a first come first served basis.  The Office maintains the list of all assigned spaces.

Q.  Do you allow boat or RV parking in any of our parking lots?
A.  No. Boat or RV parking is not permitted in any parking place that is visible.  You may keep a boat in your enclosed garage.

Q.  Do I need permission to make changes to my unit?
A.  The simple answer is yes. All work requires proof of contractor’s license and Certificate of Insurance naming Vivante as an additional insured.  Some work such as hurricane/sunshades, flooring, electric etc. also require Landscape Beautification & Architectural Review Committee  (LBARC) to approve the project.  For example, if you plan to replace the flooring, you will need to complete a form for Architectural Review and submit it to LBARC for approval.   Also, if you install sunshades or sunscreens, hurricane shutters, or screen doors to the hallway or bedroom sliders you will need LBARC approval. In other words, unit owner(s) must submit an LBARC form for approval for all  improvements that are visible from the outside of the building.  Here is a link to the LBARC Form

Q.  What maintenance am I responsible for & what is Vivante responsible for?
A.  There is a Maintenance Responsibility Matrix attached.  Here is the link for the Matrix.