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Condominium Owners Association Board


  • Patricia Baxter-Thornhill, President
    Bella Representative
  • Diane Giumento, Vice President
    Bella Representative 
  • Andy Flood, Secretary & Treasurer
    Boca Representative
  • Tom Dominic
    At-Large Representative
  • Georgia Buda
    Boca Representative 
  • Tonya Blair
    Bella Representative
  • Ric Campbell
    Boca Representative
Bella Buildings Captains

Bella Buildings:

Boca Buildings Captains

Boca Buildings:

Building Captain Responsibilities

Vivante’s Building Captains provide a vital link between individual building’s residents and the Vivante Board of Directors and Management. 

The information below will help explain the role and responsibilities; if you ever find the need for clarification, please don’t hesitate to inquire with your on-site management team.


Purpose:  To facilitate communication and improve the sense of community among residents.



  • Know the residents in your building.
  • Develop a sense of community within your building
    • Encourage periodic get-togethers.
    • Post topical fun information on your bulletin boards
    • Be approachable and congenial.
  • Be a knowledgeable resource by being familiar with:
    • the Vivante governance structure.
    • your Building’s budget.
    • your build Building’s Declaration of Condominium and Rules & Regulations. These documents are found on the community website: under the Governance Tab of the Member Dashboard / Governing Documents.
  • Communicate items of routine operational concern to management, e.g. maintenance, landscaping, parking, substantiated complaints of owners and residents, rules violations, safety concerns, etc.
  • Communicate items of policy and budgetary concern through management to the board of directors, once you have established consensus among the owners in your building.



  1. BC’s are provided the E-mail and phone numbers for all residents in their buildings. BC’s will hold this information in confidence, using it only for official communication.  When E-mailing residents, BC’s will utilize the Blind-Copy function for addressing the E-mail so that residents’ E-mail addresses are not presented to other residents.
  2. BC’s are encouraged to maintain an open dialogue with on-site management team as to operational issues in an around their building, e.g. apparent water leaks, roof leaks, elevator malfunctions, beeping fire alarms, potential trip & fall hazards, etc.
  3. BC’s function as the clearing house for residents’ opinions and concerns related to building maintenance, landscaping, parking, actual or potential rules violations, safety & security, budgetary concerns, recreational activities, and similar issues. When individual unit owners and tenants contact the Association-office with building-concerns that are opinion-based, they will be redirected to the appropriate BC.  The BC will then decide how to elevate, or not elevate, that concern to the rest of the residents in their building.  Some issues the BC will just listen to and take note, other issues the BC’s may seek to gather input from other residents to see if they need to make a recommendation to management or the Board, as an official recommendation from the majority of the unit owners in their building.
  4. When a poll of owners is needed to make a formal recommendation to the Board of Directors, BC’s will utilize the e-mail addresses provided by the office to conduct a poll and maintain a copy of the e-mail responses, or survey monkey results, that can be verified by management. Building Captains may request management’s assistance in conducting such polls.
  5. Post timely messages in the “Building Captain” section of the first-floor bulletin boards, encouraging comradery and pride in the building and community is invaluable.
  6. Attend quarterly Building Captain Meetings either in person or via conference call. Agenda items will be called for ahead of time and distributed before the meeting.  If an issue cannot wait until the quarterly meeting, communicate with Vivante Managers, COA Board or individual members thereof,  if a timely decision is needed.  
  7. Review and become familiar with your Building ‘s Budget.
  8. BC’s make budgetary recommendations; however, have no authority to make final decisions to allocate or spend funds without Board approval, or to make financial commitments on behalf of the Board of Directors or management.
  9. During tropical storm events, or other emergencies, BC’s can play an important role; they, or their representative, may be issued a two-way radio which can be used to communicate with the other BC’s, management and/or Board members who are on-site. BC’s can also play an important role in helping their fellow residents stay informed.  To a lesser degree, if the BC’s are willing and able, they can assist other residents in preparing their units for evacuation; this is not a required function and we do not ask BC’s to remain on-site for tropical storm events.  In particular, we do not ask BC’s to engage in any physical activity they are not absolutely comfortable performing safely, without risk of danger or injury to themselves or others.
  10. Communication with Vivante residents: BC’s are representatives of the Association and should conduct themselves with a professional demeanor while interacting with other residents, even when there is a strong difference of opinion.


Appointment & Removal:  BC’s are appointed by the COA Board of Directors. The term of service is flexible, although should be at least 1-year.  Some BC’s serve for many years and find the experience very rewarding.  A BC position may also be filled by co-captains if the co-captain team wishes to fill the role in that manner. 

When more than one person or team of co-captains is interested in filling a vacancy, management will conduct a poll of the Owners in that building to determine the candidate(s) most favored by the Owners.  The most favored candidate(s) will be presented to the COA Board for approval. 

At any time, the Owners of a building may petition for an election of a new BC.  The affirmative signatures of at least 33% of the building’s Unit owners will be sufficient to initiate the election and appointment process detailed above.  The then-current BC or co-captains may be a candidate in the election if they so desire. 

The Board of Directors may also remove a BC from their position at any time, with or without cause.  An example of a for-cause removal would be a failure to substantially fill the responsibilities of a BC as itemized in this document or to intentionally exceed the authority provided to BC’s as expressed in this document.  Other examples could include, but not be limited to, being convicted of a felony, endangering the welfare of other Vivante residents or guests, being more than 90-days delinquent on any assessments payable to the Association, having two-unexcused absences to BC quarterly meetings within any 12-month period, purposefully failing to adhere to the Association’s covenants, bylaws, rules & regulations, etc.

Potential Liability / Insurance Coverage:

Building Captains are covered under the same insurance policies, general liability, directors & officers, etc. as our Board of Directors and other volunteer staff, so long as they are operating in good faith and in accordance with direction provided by the Board and Management.  This insurance is designed to cover legal expenses and judgements awarded from lawsuits initiated against the Association, the Board, volunteers such as board members and building captains and employees.  BC’s are not provided any insurance or legal defense protection for any actions outside of the scope of their role as Building Captain.   BC’s are not employees of the association and are not provided any workman’s compensation insurance, medical insurance coverage or other employee-related benefits. 


LBARC Committee:

What is LBARC

Landscape Beautification & Architectural Review Committee Responsibilities

The LBARC is an advisory committee focused on landscape and architectural review.  Their responsibilities include:
Request, review, track landscape contracts

Review and advise Board of Directors regarding alteration requests submitted by residents, building representatives or other members of the Vivante community.  Identify standards for commonly requested alterations, i.e. hurricane shutters.

Vivante Staff



Barb Jennings, Spa Director For appointments, contact: Barb Jennings, Spa Director 941-979-6409


The Vivante Administration utilizes the service professionals below for our common area work.

We have found them to be responsive and dependable and are very familiar with Vivante’s mechanical systems, and Architectural Review Standards when applicable.

You are welcome to call them, or other licensed and insured contractors of your choosing.

Active Door and Window (Screens)

Bob’s Lock and Key (Locksmith)

Gary Drake (Dryer Vent Cleaning)

Electrical Solutions

Licensed To Chill (HVAC)

Ray’s Plumbing

Sea Through Windows (Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning)

Stanley Steamer (Steam Cleaning Lanai Floors)

Storm Smart (Storm Shutters)

Painter – Nick Olsen

Mid County Mini Transfer & Recycle Facility (Large item trash disposal)
19765 Kenilworth Port Charlotte
Hours: Tues – Sat 9 am – 4 pm

Questions & Reporting: Submit a Request Here

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